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Recent content by Arth

  1. Arth

    4th gen EcoDiesel to 5th gen hemi

    The fuel mileage will be a lot less in the Hemi. Went from a 4th Gen Hemi to the 5th Gen Hemi to a 5th Gen Ecodiesel. Personally the updates from the 4th to 5th Gen are well worth it but since I commute almost 70 miles a day I wanted the EcoDiesel for more range.
  2. Arth

    2021 night edition third brake light

    I'd be more than happy to connect to my 21... tomorrow. Lol sorry guys just got off work and it's another early start tomorrow. Anything in particular you want me to go after?
  3. Arth

    EcoDiesels selling for TRX prices

    Interesting you'd say that you'll not be going to the Cummins. What swayed you? I've been tempted but I am worried about the ride unloaded and the MPG.
  4. Arth

    Dethloff Contour rack install - 5'7 with Rambox

    Wow. Nice installs boys. I like what I see
  5. Arth

    Hellwig Sway Bar Purchase$$$$

    Assuming you used stock bolts like I did. I used my impact to snug the bolts down. I'll check mine after this weekend. Got a 1000 mile drive to make, that should be a good test.
  6. Arth

    How to: install replacement tow mirror

    Nice job. I upgraded to OEM towing mirrors recently and I really took my time taking the door panel off. Got really luck and didn't break any of the clips!
  7. Arth

    Truck is in....I Need $1000 cash code if you have an extra!!

    That's what happened to me. Bought the truck and a week later got a code randomly on the Ramtrucks website.
  8. Arth

    Hellwig Sway Bar Purchase$$$$

    Got mine installed yesterday in the parking lot at work. Very easy took about 10 minutes. Very satisfied. Noticed the same as mentioned before taking corners and quick lane changes the truck feels much more glued to the road. 100% recommend. If you have access to the exchange that’s the way to...
  9. Arth

    Hellwig Sway Bar Purchase$$$$

    Got mine today too from the exchange. Took a little longer because of our snow storm but all appears to be there.
  10. Arth

    2021 Ram 1500 ecoDiesel oil filter ripoff

    Went with this one. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07D99BSPX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 If you check out this video from a member on this forum it shows some of the oil change and filters.
  11. Arth

    2019 2500 HD factory LED HMCSL swap onto a 2021 1500

    The 2500 3rd brake light you saw will not fit. However they make one for the 1500's now. It is part of the new Tech Package on the 2021's that includes the heads up display and digital rear view mirror. The 3rd brake has a camera in it that will allow you to use the digital rear view mirror...
  12. Arth

    2021 Ram 1500 ecoDiesel oil filter ripoff

    The oil filter doesn't make a mess at all. Personally I would just purchase them as they come and let it go. Has a built in drain back valve so when you unscrew it the oil drains back into the engine and when you lift the filter away no mess. As far as the drain plug the fumoto is a must...
  13. Arth

    No 6’4” Eco Diesel in limited trim?

    This is accurate. I installed the cord on my 2021. Plug was there. I also ran an outdoor extension and installed it on the bottom passenger side of the bumper. No more popping the hood to plug the truck in...
  14. Arth

    2021 Ram 1500 ecoDiesel oil filter ripoff

    In the Gen 2 Ecodiesels that was the case. For whatever reason on the Gen 3 you can't separate them. The factory one can be separated but when you order a new filter this is what you get.