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    MPG with Pedal Commander

    A "friendly reminder" to the members posting in this thread. Keep it civil towards one another or the thread will be closed and other appropriate actions taken.
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    Missing Uconnect Controls and apps

    Please refrain from posting personal email addresses in the forums, especially as a first post. I've deleted that address. If the members have any suggestions they will post them here.
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    5 th gen Uconnect

    You would have the "4th Gen". Unconnect 5 isn't out yet. Per the article, Uconnect 5 will be available later this year. Fiat Chrysler hasn't officially said which cars will get the system first, but expect it to become equipment on virtually every product from the company.
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    Slight drone when I have my Ram in 4WD Auto

    I hear the same thing with mine...never been concerned with it
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    An engineer's Ultimate Guide to 3.21 vs 3.92 axle ratio

    Yes, that was the post that caused me to put the reminder out to everyone in the thread, as 1) people were starting to respond to it and report it to the moderators. I'd say it this issue with disagreements as long as the conversations stay civil. When it gets personal, vulgar, etc is...
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    An engineer's Ultimate Guide to 3.21 vs 3.92 axle ratio

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    Uneven Tire Wear

    I had uneven wear on mine (i was feeling vibration in the truck) and mine wore more in the middle of the tire, not on the outside edges (weird). Inflation was correct and I had the dealer verify alignment. I end up filing a claim with Goodyear and got about $150 off a tire on a new set of 4...
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    Steering Directed headlights

    I believe it's 15 degrees. Definitely noticeable in a turn.
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    Electric parking brake issues

    I added what info I had from the service manual
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    Electric parking brake issues

    Not sure if this helps anyone or not...I don't normally use the EPB One stupid question...did you have your seatbelt fastened?
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    No Customer Care

    If you look through the forums here , you'll see a bunch of people that ended up with the wrong manual (for the 2019 classic model). Tell either ram customer service or your dealer you see the annual for the DT model . The number on the back of the manual for mine is 19DT-126-AA for a 2019...
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    Update: DO NOT BUY RAM WITH RAMBOX - Warping and Alignment Issue with 2019 Rams

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    TRX Price

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    Weather Alerts are not wanted. Can I disable?

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