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Mirror light flashes fast



New to the site... My dealer can't seem to find the issue with my right turn signal problem. It may not be a new problem but I can't find anything related to the problem. My truck is a 2019 2500 diesel ALL stock no mods. It's loaded including factory projector lights and all. My problem is that while the right side turn signals work at the normal flash rate front and rear the mirror light flashes fast as well as the indicator on the dash. At start up the computer on the dash is telling me that the right rear turn signal light is not working.
I know that if there is a LED not working it will trip what ever it is that makes a warning appear on the dash but I can't see that there is an LED out looking at the light blink. The only thing I can not is a bit of condensation inside the lens at the top of the tail light.
Like I said I've been to the dealer and they don't seem to know what the problem is... Could the R/R tail light assembly be at fault like the computer keeps saying? Has anyone had this issue before?


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Apr 24, 2021
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Try swapping the lights from right to left, the plugs should be the same and see if the problem follows. I know you can't mount them, just plug them in and see.

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