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Koons Ram Special!! 10% off of MSRP Incentive good until 5/31 and up to 8% under invoice until good until 5/29


5thGenRams Vendor
5thGenRams Vendor
Oct 9, 2018
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Hey All,

From now until the end of the month Ram is offering 10% off of MSRP rebate on Ram 1500 Crew Cab Laramie's only. This incentive is Price Protected and can be combined with the 6% under invoice (7% w/proof of affiliate) on Factory Orders.

For example.
MSRP of 72,355
Invoice 67,147

6% under invoice = 4,028.82
10% off of MSRP Incentive = 7,235.50

Total of 11,264.32 off of MSRP (about 15.5% off of MSRP)

If that does not get you excited, maybe this will. From now until the close of business Monday 5/29, any orders placed (any Ram trim level) will received another 1% off the. So it would be 7% (8% with affiliate).

MSRP of 72,355
Invoice 67,147

7% under invoice = 4,700.29
10% off of MSRP Incentive = 7,235.50

Total of 11,935.79 off of MSRP (about 16.5% off of MSRP)

Please go to Ramtrucks.com, build your ideal Ram and email the PDF to [email protected] or [email protected] and we can build and price for you. We only require a $500 deposit!!

(Please note, currently the only engine available in the Laramie Crew short bed that is available for ordering is the v6, and the only engine available for ordering in the Laramie Crew long bed is the v8 etorque)

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