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CPO question


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Jan 18, 2023
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Hello and happy Easter to everyone. I have been looking around for the last few months for a used Ram 1500 Laramie. I am now just about ready to buy and I found a Certified Pre Owned Ram 1500 Laramie online. The only problem is that the Chrysler/Jeep/Ram dealership that is selling the truck is about 2.5 hrs away from where I live. If I go ahead with the purchase, and then an unfortunate event happens with the truck and I need to bring it in to get worked on under the 3 month 3k miles warranty, I am pretty sure that I could just bring the truck to any Chrysler/Jeep/Ram dealership that was closer to me. Right? And if I had to do that (Bring the truck to a closer dealership) is there anything that I should know about before bringing the truck to said dealership? I was reading on the ramtrucks.com site that they recommend you bringing the truck to the same dealership that you purchased from. Why would they even add that? Is there an issue that I am not aware of? Anyway, any clarification on the issue is greatly appreciated.

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Happy Easter.
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Nov 13, 2020
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Most dealerships price their vehicles with the expectation that they will get additional costs from you as a local customer. Many dealers actually have a pricing category for non-local customers knowing that they will never get parts or labor costs from said customer.

Regarding CPO, that's an additional cost that you're paying, for them to say they did a 150 point inspection, or something like that. To my knowledge, there's no warranty or guarantees with a CPO vehicle that you wouldn't get with any other car. I bought a CPO BMW a few years ago and it got me nothing? They didn't change the oil or the air/cabin filters, it had the wrong size tires on it, I didn't get any extended warranty, and even the BMW 4 year/50k mile factory service warranty is only valid for the 1st owner, so I got nothing except a higher cost. Be sure to ask what you get for that CPO cost.

You should be able to take the truck to any CDJR dealership, but know that you might not get the same treatment as a local buyer. You may not get a free rental during service visits, etc.


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Oct 18, 2020
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To my knowledge, there's no warranty or guarantees with a CPO vehicle that you wouldn't get with any other car.

My 2020 CPO RAM originally came with the 36/36 B2B warranty and 5yr /60K Powertrain. It's my understanding that the CPO extended the powertrain to 7 year / 100K but has a $100 deductible per claim (this was per the dealer and also indicated on the carfax report I pulled)

2020 RAM carfax snip jpg.jpg

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