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Best Level Kit for 34's


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Nov 23, 2021
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I have a 2021 ram Laramie 4wd, 3.92 gears and want to add 275/65r20 (34" tires). It's a daily driver with a lot of hwy driving so I don't want 35's or to do anything too extreme. The truck currently sits low and I need to get some height. Trying to decide to between the 2" level kit from ready lift, the 3.5" SST lift from ready lift, or Bilstein shocks. If I do the Bilstein's do I need UCA's?
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Nov 5, 2021
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Im no expert, but on the 5th clip you shouldnt need UCAs from what I have gathered, and the 34's should fit. Might need to bend some plastic in a spot.
Anything over the 5th ring I am not sure.
I have read where others here reported a clunking too high on the Bilsteins. That may be only with the ORP though.

This information is only from my research on fitting 285/55r22 on my Laramie, which is a 34"+ tire. I am still in the figuring out stage.


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Aug 13, 2019
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I'll try to provide some insight here! I know how the search for the right tires and suspension goes!

The first truck is mine with 295/70R18's (34.3 x 11.6) on fuel shok 18x9 (-12). I have bilstein 5100s on the 6th position (2.2" of lift). There is a slight rub that I hear only once a week when I back up my driveway. I've looked and it's so slight that I can't even tell where it's coming from. I did install the Mopar UCA's (not sure they were needed) and for what it's worth, I have tuftruck 1223-v springs in the rear.

The 2nd truck is my dad's. He has black rhino armory 20x9.5 (+6) with 275/65R20 (34.1 x 10.8). Nothing else done to the truck, bone stock. He has no rubbing.

Hope this helps!


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Jun 27, 2021
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St Johns, FL
I just (Friday) had a 3" front / 1.5" rear motofab leveling kit put on, with 275/65r20's. I upgraded the UCAs, to be safe. The mechanic who did the work said that a 2.5" front only would have leveled it, and been plenty to run those tires, but I wanted the extra height.

Mine is a 2WD - so you are starting 1" higher already, right? Based on that, I'd think a 1" or 2 " level should be plenty. But, that's just me guessing, based on what I had done.

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