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Add 12v DC power in center console or keep AC always on?


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Jun 23, 2022
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Forgive me if this has been asked before. I did a search on the web and several forums and only found things relating to keeping older generation Ram 2500's 12v center console power on.

I bought a Dometic refrigerated cooler that I want to keep in the rear seat in the center lined up with the center console in the front. It will plug into AC or DC outlets and that's cool. However, since the AC outlet in my vehicle turns off when the car does, the fridge has limited value for me in that way. Is there a way to keep the AC outlet on without keeping the truck in ACC mode or a relatively painless way to add a DC outlet to the back of the center console? I don't like my cord running from the back seat to the front dash. Any help would be appreciated.


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Jun 29, 2022
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figured i'd give you my .02 on this since i'm the wiring guy at the shop where we do lots of offroad/ overland builds.
the most direct way to achieve your goal is to run a dedicated 12v power cable from the battery through the firewall, tuck it under the dash and center console and to the back. You will then install a Blue Sea fuse block (the one with power fuse blocks and ground terminals) somewhere under the seat. You will then add a 12v socket (any from amazon will do) to the Blue Sea and add a fuse to the block. Connect 12v socket power to the fused side and ground to the non-fused side. Before you connect the main 12v cable (the long one you just fished) to the battery, you will also want to add a breaker switch between the long cable and the battery's positive terminal. That way, you can shut it off if you want. As for ground, if you can find body ground (basically any screw/ bolt that goes into the body) near the Blue Sea block then just tap it there (ground cable goes from the Blue Sea block to the bolt using a ring terminal).

The benefit of this is, if you would like to add more constant powered accessories in the future (say, a mobile radio that you can use without turning on the ignition), you will not need to repeat the process.

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