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2017 Ram 3500 with 170k miles on it. Stay away or buy?


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Apr 17, 2021
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Cummins 6.7L I6 Laramie

Test drove it - seemed pretty solid. Slight jerking on the steering. $36,000

I know the diesel engine if it was maintained will go on forever. Just not sure about the trans and other things that might be in line and ready to break.


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Jun 14, 2018
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San Diego
It honestly depends how it was used. 170k driving or towing long distances is great; but if it idled a ton that’s not good. If it’s not deleted you might have to replace the def system or *try* to delete the truck in the somewhat near future. Typically these modern diesels with all the emissions stuff aren’t the million mile motors they used to be. Also I’d say it’s basically a guarantee you’ll be replacing the trans very soon. That can be anywhere from 5-10k depending on what kind you get and where you get it installed. Might want to check on that jerking in the steering wheel too. Could be maybe it needs a new steering stabilizer, or it could mean the ball joints are bad, steering rack is bad, or a whole host of other potentials.
And on top of all that just keep your expectations realistic - don’t expect the truck to be flawless and not need any repairs in the future. If it’s still on the stock trans that would scare me a little bit. I’d consider trying to see what $46k will buy you vs $36k because there’s a chance you could be paying that soon on that 36k truck anyway haha. But it also could be a unicorn trans and last a long time. Who knows lol. That’s the risk you take with high mileage vehicles tho I guess!

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