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2014 Ram replaced transmission


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Feb 9, 2024
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Just FYI- coming back from Myrtle Beach and trans made a loud snap and it started overheating- a very long trip back to Maryland. Pulled the 5.7, 8 spd trans over every hour to cool it. Seemed to run OK without pulling the 5,000 pound trailer so tried a fluid and filter change first. Noticed some slipping when pulling a trailer to a local campground. Back to dealer for diagnosis. Trans needs replaced and of course it it out of warranty(70,000 miles). Quote from dealer on OEM and Jasper. Both had 3yr unlimited mile warranty. Seems no one rebuilds anymore.
Opted for Jasper as they have made a few improvements in the thickness of clutch plates. It has been running great but noticed it still got hot. Dealer checked and fluid levels are good.
Did coolant change and new thermostat and still trans overheats.
Finally tracked down information about the oil cooler. Confirmed with Jasper that their trans does not include cooler. He said they are typically replaced when there is a trans issue due to metal and muck flowing through. Valves can get dirty and not operate.
Replaced it and now all seems to be good, including temps when hauling.
So when that rare trans issue takes place, consider replacing the cooler too.

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