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  1. S

    Blend door recalibration

    Is there a way to recalibrate the blend doors on the 2021 big horn with dual zone hvac? I have a vent door that is not fully sealing which is causing a whistle. My old jeep had a sequence that would recalibrate all servos and get everything aligned again, so I’m hoping that sequence still...
  2. S

    Dreaded hvac whistle

    Unfortunately got the dreaded whistle coming from the right side dash when the auto climate control is in recirculating mode on the highway. It goes away when the hvac is in outside air mode which leads me to believe it’s flap related. All the dealerships in my area have been very problematic...
  3. Jp306

    Squeal during cold weather start ups

    Hey everyone, I haven't come across this topic yet. During colder temperatures (-15 C / 5 F and colder) I get a VERY loud squealing after start up. It sounds like a kettle whistling is the best description I can give. It will last up to a minute or so, then stops. Doesn't seem right for a brand...