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wheels for sale

  1. Rebelyell20


    I have 5th gen rebel rims for sale 14,000 miles on them in great condition. Located in Houston TX. i am willing to drive and meet for anyone who would like to purchase. My first post on here not too sure of the rules yet so delete if not allowed! Thanks!
  2. J

    Selling my 2020 factory wheels/tires...

    I just bought a 2020 Ram and I'm putting different wheels/tires on it so I'm looking to sell the OEM Black Appearance Package wheels/tires if anybody is interested? FYI...If you haven't seen these in person, they are not really a true black but are a really really dark grey with a little...
  3. kipeharris

    WTB or trade for 22" OEM Wheels & Tires

    I am looking to buy straight out or am willing to trade my 20" 2019 Laramie wheels and tires that as of today have 10.625 miles on them (rotated twice). I am open to all REASONABLE OFFERS. Below are pictures of the wheels that are up for trade. Let's MAKE A DEAL! Located in North West TX I am...
  4. M

    20" Night edition wheels and tire take offs / custom wheels / wheel swap

    Sorry guys I know I posted something about a week ago about wheels that I had that I wanted to sell, been a little busy but finally got a chance. These are 20" OEM night edition wheels off of a 2020 Big Horn only had them on for about 1000 miles. Turned tires around so white lettered tires were...