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  1. redriderbob

    Z Automotive Updates Tazer Programmers With Two New Anti-Theft Features!

    Z Automotive Updates Tazer Programmers With Two New Anti-Theft Features! A New PIN Lock Mode & Carjack Mode Are Now Available... If you are a modern Mopar fan, then it is more than likely you have heard of Z Automotive. The company manufactures a number of programmers for various Chrysler...
  2. B

    Problem updating the Pulsar for 2019 RAM 1500

    I just purchased the Diablosport Pulsar for my 2019 Ram 1500. Installed on my truck, downloaded the update agent to my MacBook Pro plugged it in to my OBD2 port and then the laptop but it does nothing, it just stays on the Connect Device screen. Anyone else experienced this?
  3. ebland0724

    Uconnect Market

    Uconnect Market ... https://market.mopar.com/home ... I received an email and signed up for it, but it's not on my list of Apps (2019 Laramie Sport w/ 8.4C Nav). So @RamCares when will an update be pushed out?
  4. Cmerkert

    Updating Nav Maps - Heard back from FCA - Let's Pressure them

    So I emailed FCA yesterday about the Nav Maps being out of date. Here is their response. We should all call them and inquire/complain/pressure them to update them 2017 on digital file updates is unreal! Thank you for contacting the RAM Customer Assistance Center. We sincerely apologize for...
  5. d_THRILL

    UConnect version 20-16 Update Released 11/19/18

    Today UConnect pushed an update through all the trucks, as confirmed by a UConnect representative. When shutting my truck off today and before exiting my car, a message appeared on my 12.1” screen stating there was an update available and would I like to install it? If so, I was to hit yes and...