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uconnect upgrade

  1. c_lowe15

    2019 Ram 5” upgrade to 8.4”

    Hello, I have a 2019 2500 with 5 inch uconnect and would like to upgrade to the 8.4 uconnect. I have seen stuff like what infotainment offers but no way am I coughing up $1700. Some guy on Facebook has an 8.4 inch screen available but it came off a 2018 Ram so I don’t know if the tech crosses...
  2. V

    8.4" to 12" Uconnect radio upgrade now available to purchase

    Infotainment has an upgrade option now to install the 12" Uconnect system in the place of your 8.4" system. Comes with everything you need. 2019-2020 RAM Truck UAX Uconnect 4C NAV with 12-inch Touchscreen including Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Upgrade...