tow mirrors

  1. R

    Tow mirrors

    Hey guys, I just bought a 2020 1500 big horn with power folding and heated mirrors. I have heated tow mirrors from my previous truck(2017 1500 big horn) and was wondering if the tow mirrors would fit/work on the new truck? Thanks for the help!!
  2. L

    Towing Mirror swap from 2500/3500

    There are a few threads about the lack of features in the towing mirrors on the 1500. I missed this also when I put my order together and I really wanted the 360 camera (Sonic is fun). I have been debating getting the mirrors with the cameras and the front camera from the parts counter and...
  3. Bsteiner36

    Side (Tow) Mirrors In Reverse not going back to original Position

    I wanted to let everyone know in case anyone else has this problem. Since I have owned my truck every time i put my Truck in reverse and the side mirrors fold down they never go back to the original position. Over time my side mirrors get so out of wack that I have to stop my truck and hit my...
  4. E

    possible to add power folding mirrors?

    Despite the window sticker verbage "Power Multi–Function Fold–Away Mirrors", my 2019 Limited Ram pickup mirrors DO NOT fold by themselves against the truck. There is a space for a button to do this, like my Tahoe, but Ram just put a plastic filler there - no actual button. Has anyone ever added...
  5. Bsteiner36

    Anyone else Frustrated with Tow Package removing features?

    I just purchased a Limited with the tow package and 2 days later I realized that the tow package removes Around view monitor and power folding mirrors. Has anyone contacted RAM or their dealer to get this resolved or fixed? I am extremely frustrated and wondered if anyone had any success...
  6. C

    Will 4th Gen mirrors fit my 5th Gen

    Hey guys I just got myself a 19 ram sport, i never noticed it until i picked er up but shes got tow mirrors on. I have a buddy from out of town with a 4th gen and hes willing to swap his sport mirrors with me. I just dont want to travel for them if I'm not sure they'll fit or not. Cant seem to...
  7. C

    Advanced Safety Group not available

    I've just heard from two of the dealerships quoting me a factory order that the Advanced Safety Group can not be ordered as an option on the Laramie model at this time, even if the Level 2 Technology Group is selected. They are trying to investigate what the issue is with FCA, and if the option...