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tow hook

  1. Shifts And Grins Fab

    TRX Rear Tow Hooks and Brackets for 4th Gen 1500

    We are prototyping our TRX Rear Tow Hook Brackets we make for the 5th Gen Ram 1500s for the 4th Gen Ram 1500s this weekend. We will start taking preorders soon and get the materials ordered for our first run of TRX Rear Tow Hook Brackets for the 4th Gen 1500s. We are also going to be offering...
  2. Slimmons

    Rear tow hooks without using receiver hitch

    Hey, I have been using my winch a lot lately. It's a winch that you attach to the rear receiver hitch. I've been able to get by without rear tow hooks for a while, but now it's getting pretty difficult to find spots to mount to without rear tow hooks. I've been looking around, and their are a...
  3. Shifts And Grins Fab

    Rear TRX Tow Hook Brackets

    I finally got the prototypes done and started sccepting preorders for the Rear Tow Hook Brackets to accept the TRX Rear Tow Hooks. These work on the full line of 5th Gen Ram 1500 trucks. Preorders end tonight. We will still accept orders after today but lead times will be puched out further. The...
  4. H

    Tow Hooks/Shackle mount on grille guard

    Hi all, I've just installed a Westin Sportsman X on the front of my 1500 Tradesman ORP - Disappointed to find out I had to remove my front tow hooks to get it mounted.. Does anyone here have any ideas on how to mount some new hooks or shackle mounts? Any help is much appreciated. Cheers!
  5. N


    What size will fit the front factory tow hooks?
  6. K

    Tow Hook Installation

    Hi All- I just attempted an OEM tow hook installation on my 2020, and the long body mount bolt that is existing on the truck would not come out; to the point where the head began to start to round off. I left it alone but any suggestions/experience with this issue? Thanks, Ken
  7. DonsRam19

    Tow Hook Install Video

    Here's a quick video to show you how to install the OEM tow hooks along with the links to the tow hooks and the OEM tow hook bezels.