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tail light

  1. S

    2019 Ram 1500 Issue: No Right LED Tail Light or Blind Spot Sensor But Brakes and Turn Work

    Hey all. New to the forums but I've been lurking for several days trying to see if there's a solution to the issue I'm having. I've seen bits and pieces but no definitive fix, so here's the backstory... I was having issues the past couple of years with my pre-owned 2019 1500 that I bought...
  2. Broly

    Problem with purchasing OEM LED tail lights

    Long time watcher first time poster. I’ve had a 20 Ram Night Edition for a little over a year now, plenty of upgrades. Recently, I have been trying to purchase a set of OEM LED Rebel style tail lights. I’ve purchased from 2 different online Mopar stores and have been denied. The stores refused...
  3. Bruins5515

    OEM Halogen to OEM LED Taillight

    Hey guys, Just bought a 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn 5.7L with level 2 interior package. I read in a few forums that people have had successful swapping the halogen taillights with the OEM LED taillights without error codes and it’s all plug and play. Can anyone confirm that they have done this with...
  4. KP_98

    What should I upgrade/add to my RAM?

    I have a 2020 Billet Silver RAM with the HEMI and Off-Road package, and I’m not sure what to upgrade/add next. I have a set of running boards (in black) and the bumpers, grill, mirrors, door handles are paint matched.
  5. U

    Cracked tail light

    Anyone else had a cracked tail light issue? (See image) I noticed on my trip home yesterday that my driver side tail light had been struck by an object and has a nice crack in it. Sadly, it's a 2019 Laramie with Blind Spot and Cross Path detection so its quite expensive to replace. The...