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sway bar

  1. ChrisJ796

    Sway bar link question

    Bought a RAM a month or so ago, have only drove it a handful of times an am getting irritated. Bought it cash off a guy a gave it a walk around test drive ect with no issues. It is a limited eco diesel with a Rough Country lift, I believe it’s 5 or 5 1/2 inch lift and 24x13.50Rx37” tires. After...
  2. suln

    Front and Rear sway bars comparison

    I have a stock 2022 4x2 Hemi I want to put front and rear sway bars on. How do I go about purchasing the Roadmaster bar? Do i purchase a 2500 kit? Also, im tryin to get a comparison of Front and rear kit from Hellwig and front and rear Roadmaster? Anyone with input is appreciated!
  3. C

    Popping/clicking noise in suspension

    Hello, Has anyone else had a popping/clicking noise come from there suspension? I believe mine is in the front, and I can really hear it when going through a drive-thru and at low speeds and it like echos of the building and pavement. I'm not to sure if it is from an uneven surface or if I'm...