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  1. Childs08

    Exhaust Fumes when sunroof is open

    Wondering if anyone has experienced this. I am noticing a very strong odor ONLY when sunroof is open and I am at a stop or idle. The smell seems to be exhaust related and is very foul almost like a diesel exhaust smell. This is a 2021 Ram 1500 with 35K, I have had the dreaded right side exhaust...
  2. D

    New 2019 5.7Litre Ram 1500 Limited smells like I ran over a family of skunks

    5th New Ram 1500 Limited for me. Love the 5th generation Ram! Just brought home new Ram 1500, it has 450 miles on it, dealer GM had been using it. Brought it home and parked in garage. Wife gets home and asks if I hit a skunk. Went into garage and the whole garage smells like skunk! Luckily...