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  1. s10blazer89.jw

    Matte Black Bumpers?

    Does anyone on here have a billet silver 5th gen with matte black front and rear bumpers? I dented my rear bumper about a year ago and want to replace it since no one has rear ended me yet... 😞 If anyone has the billet silver with black bumpers, I'd love to see how it looks!
  2. Nedbeir

    New 5th gen 1500

    Just picked up my 2019 all new billet silver 5th Gen, Bighorn / Lonestar Crew, 5.7, 3.21 gears, 25Z package, LED’s, (9) Alpine speakers and remote start two days ago. After 500 miles I’m so impressed with this rig. It’s ride, it’s power, it’s stereo and it’s great looks! I wasn’t impressed with...