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  1. Zukispeed

    Fabtech Dirtlogic Rear Shocks, Sharp bouncing

    I work for a large shop in Utah, that does lifts and accessories. I recently purchased a 21 Ram Rebel with 7k miles on it, and had the Fabtech 3" Dirtlogic kit installed here ( front coilovers, upper arms, rear coil spring spacer, and 2.25 rear shocks ) I Have put around 500 miles on it since...
  2. JbVt

    2021 ORG all taller than my 2020 ORG.

    Wondering if anyone else has noticed this or has any input. I have a 2020 Bighorn night edition with ORG. I happed to be driving by my local dealer tonight and noticed they had a handful of new trucks out, been pretty spaced lately. Anyways I swung in as I always enjoy looking. They had 3 2021...
  3. Lonestar21

    Bilstein shocks on 3.5” readylift

    What do you guys think about adding Bilstein shocks to the 3.5” Ready Lift kit instead of installing the spring spacers? Will it work? Good Idea?
  4. M

    Leaking shocks

    Just wanted to throw this out there to see if this is a common problem or an isolated issue? I had my 2019 Laramie 4WD less than 4 weeks and my rear left shock started leaking. Took a week for them to get the replacement shock in and now I'm back up and running. Anyone else having this issue...