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  1. TheLegend

    Service Electronic Stability Control Warning Yellow Lamp

    Hello everyone, I have a 2022 Laramie Southwest 4x4 Crew Cab only 9k miles on it literally just got it. Has anyone else had this issue pop up on them and if so what was it? I’m assuming it has something to do with my ABS because my battery is working perfect. I took it to dealership and they...
  2. N

    Everything locked out since dead battery

    We managed to completely drain the battery of our 2021 Ram 1500 limited by leaving our trailer plugged into the 7-way :(. Managed to get a jump start and have since disconnected and charged the battery with a dedicated charger. The truck starts fine, but all the following features are locked out...
  3. ArcotRAMathorn

    Massachusetts Dealer Service Dept

    Could find recommendations in search so thought I’d start a thread. Anyone know of any great RAM service departments in the Massachusetts or RI area? List your experiences here with dealer, location, and service person/mechanic. Looked on dealerrater, but for some reason I trust you guys more.
  4. Neurobit

    Dealer Service - Share your Experience!

    I've been noticing many folks here being hesitant to take their trucks for service (even under warranty), which got me thinking... It would be great to have a list of the good dealers, and also a list of bad ones, so we can avoid them. I myself was apprehensive when my truck needed a few things...