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  1. Dontfront82

    Stock, Leveled, 3.5 Lift Comparisons

    Bottom pic- Day one. Oct 31st, stock suspension Middle pic- Nov 9th, 2 inch level kit Top pic- nov 21st, 3.5 Rough Country Lift kit Just wanted to post this to show ppl the difference :cool: Enjoy!
  2. Dontfront82

    Rought country 3.5 Lift Installed Today

    3.5 rough county installed today. By all out off road houston texas. I had the leveling kit up front but it was not enough.. The front now sits at 39.5" front the ground up to center fender, before 37.5" approx The rear sits at 40.750" before 39" or so. They added the r.c upper control arm and...
  3. Dontfront82

    Hello 3.5 lift kit specs QUESTION/INFO

    Hello everyone, new here just got my ram last week! Love it so far! Recent Add ons are listed on my profile! :D I have a 2" front leveling kit on the ram at the moment and the truck rides great. Stock tires and wheels. 4x4 I want to go higher, so I wanted to see if you guys with the 3.5 lift...