rims n tires

  1. K

    Tire size help

    Hi So I have a 2020 limited with 22s I am looking to swap out the rims and tires with another set of 22s fuel tritons. And 305/40/22 nitto 420s I was wondering if anyone has that size set up on there truck. With out adding a lift or leveling kit. I don’t want rubbing problems and want to hear...
  2. Cord3iro_5.7

    Will they fit? 35x12 1/2 x20

    Hey everyone, found a smoking deal on a rim and tire package and i am just wondering if i could get some feed back. So i have a 2019 ram rebel with no air suspension, found of set of rims and tires that are 35x12 1/2x20 setup. Just wondering if any of you can tell me if you think this would fit...
  3. R

    Looking for tire fit suggestion

    I just bought a 2019 Ram 1500 Big horn with a crew cab no air. It has stock 275x65x18s. Im looking at putting the rough country 3.5 lift so I can put bigger tires on. The set up I'm looking at are milestar Patagonia m/t tires in either33x12.5R518 or 35x12.5R 18 on XD Series Rockstar II 18in...
  4. DonsRam19

    Anybody running Cooper at/3 xlt's?

    Looking at different tires and found the Cooper at/3 xlt's they look great just wondering about ride quality and wear?
  5. P

    20’ with 33x12.50 fits perfectly

    Alright guys that have a 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 and wondering if u can for 33x12.50 it’s is true I just got some new 20’ rims today and now it’s a proven fact. On a full turn it touches the wall but it’s so minor that u don’t even feel it or hear it. It’s a tight fit but perfect. No cutting at all...
  6. P

    Rims n tires

    I’m trying to see what’s best without any problems on puttin 20x12 -44 offsets and 33x12.50 tires with a 2’ mopar lift or even 22x12 -44 offset with the same tire. Has anybody tried that and had any problems? I have been hearing to many stories about them that they will rub and everything else...