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  1. DarkKn1ght

    Auxiliary LED Backup Light Idea

    Has anyone installed a flush mounted LED pod to the left of the rear license plate? I posted a picture of the back of my truck for reference.
  2. R

    Reclining Rear Seat Problems

    I just noticed this problem as I was trying to show someone how my seats reclined. When seated in either one of the rear seats and operating the under-seat latch to recline it feels like something is preventing the seats from sliding into the recline position. You can feel the seat want to...
  3. RamTruckMan

    "Popping" Rear Floorboard?

    OK, so I'm not even sure how to search for or really to describe this issue. I've never noticed it in a truck. I was vacuuming the rear of my truck and put my knee on approximately the centerline about where the hump would be and the floor deformed under my knee. I lifted my knee and it popped...