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  1. djevox

    2023 Raptor R

    There’s been a quick rundown of the Raptor R on SVTperformance. It looks incredible. Not gonna lie, I want one; however, that ~$107k starting price makes my wallet cry. Preorders opened on July 18th. 2023 Raptor R- SVTperformance
  2. redriderbob

    Ford’s Raptor R Is Ready To Take On The Apex-Predator Ram TRX!

    Ford’s Raptor R Is Ready To Take On The Apex-Predator Ram TRX! How Do The Two Performance Off-Roaders Compare? With the automotive world moving towards electrification, Ford and Ram continue to battle it out in the performance off-road pickup scene with a pair of supercharged V8 options...
  3. drive615

    TRX vs. Raptor

    Safe to say I know where you guys stand...
  4. Mhorton814

    Raptor Liner

    So I know there is a bunch of Raptor Liner information out there and I’ve read good things. I ordered the 4L kit with spray gun. Now I’m wondering if 4L will be enough. Should I have gone with the 6L kit? I have a 2019 BigHorn Crew Cab with a 5’7” bed. Any leftovers I was planning on doing my...