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ranch hand

  1. G

    Ranch Hand Fitment

    Hi all. Been looking at putting a cattle catcher on and really like how the Ranch Hand Summit looks on the 5th gens. Currently have a 2019 5.7 but potentially might move into a 2020 Eco Diesel. On Ranch Hands website it says that the bumpers don’t fit the Eco Diesels. Does anyone know why they...
  2. BobbyT

    Ranch Hand Sport Winch Front Bumper 20' 3500

    Anyone have the Ranch Hand FBD195BLRC Sport Winch Front Bumper with sensor and camera holes? I haven't been able to find any pictures of trucks with it yet. I'm curious if anyone has any issues with the sensors after installing. I'm also wanting to put a flatbed/service bed on my 2020 3500...