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ram truck


    A little about Lasfit®

    Hi guys, We're very excited to be a part of the RAM community. As a growing company, Lasfit always focuses on developing high-quality automotive products with excellent customer service and competitive prices, which aims to provide our customers with a better vehicle life. We look forward to...
  2. D

    Groaning noise only while backing, neutral or reverse

    Ongoing problem since day 1 with my ‘19 Ram 1500 5th Gen - been do the dealer multiple times for same issue and they haven’t resolved!! When does the issue become a lemon when the problem continues and is not rectified? They say it’s “normal operation” I call BS, this isn’t my first Ram or...
  3. D

    Totally unhappy with my purchase

    Folks we have a problem! Purchased this truck new from dealership Scott Robinson Torrance CA. First time buying a new truck from Dodge Ram after owning GMC & Chevy trucks for over 30 years. I paid cash for the truck (mistake, they already got my money) and have treated me horrible along the...
  4. Marcus889

    New Set up!!! 22×12.5 and 33in tires

    I went with American Truxx(AT1907) 22×12.5 rims. Tires are Crosswind MT 33in Got a 2.5in Body Armor Level Tires rub at full turn and didn't want to cut on my truck yet. But once you get the turning down you know how far to go. Ride is a little different but not bad. What do you guys think??????