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  1. New1500customram

    Advice needed on 2022 order, do you know?

    Hello all and thanks in advance I am looking to place a 22 order after the website updates. So my first question does any know 100% if it matters who u order from to get your build done faster? Large dealer high volume sales or a mom and pop dealer? (Dealership and salesmans name) Or is more...
  2. W

    Should I get the 12" on a 2021 Ram 3500?

    I am not a heavy user of media other than listening to my music or podcasts. I do like technology though and like the idea of the 12" screen, especially the split screen. I am not sure I am calculating correctly though, but it seems like the split screen will not really be two of the 8.4" but...
  3. d_THRILL

    Tire Options for 22' Limited Wheels with No Lift/Level

    Can someone post what non-factory tires they are running on their 22'' Limited wheels without a level/lift? Looking to upgrade the tires without having to lift/level the truck and obviously want to avoid rub. TIA.
  4. DonsRam19

    Level options for a 2wd bighorn

    Looking for options to level out my 2wd bighorn Just want it level then I'll put some bigger tires on it. Was also wanting to know how to go about this without voiding my warranty.