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north edition

  1. ylomnstr

    Which lift for North Edition?

    Looking at purchasing a 2019 1500 4x4 with the North Edition package, which I'm told has a 1" factory "lift". I'd like to raise it 2-4 inches more. Will the ready lift kit work? Their site says it won't work with a truck that has a factory lift installed. Any other options?
  2. B

    Looking for ideas/help for a rim and tire set up for BigHorn1500

    Whats up everybody, Looking for some set ups for a wheel and tire mod on my truck but I’m not very experienced in the matter and wanna make sure everything goes smoothly! I own a 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn 5.7 North Edition Crew cab. Most of the set ups that I have been able to find online dont...
  3. fwankie

    Official North Edition Thread

    So, I realize the North Edition is basically just a Big Horn that banged a Rebel. But I’m interested to see how many people out there, made the choice to go with it. I personally wasn’t even aware it was a thing, until my salesman pulled a white one around for me. And to be quite honest..he...