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new jersey

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    Lease ending, wait for 2022?

    Hello, this is my first post since finding this forum and I wish I did sooner! I'm currently leasing a 2019 1500 Big Horn and exploring my options. It's my first truck and I used the lease as essentially an experiment of whether a pickup made sense for my lifestyle, work, etc. and I would like...
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    Hello from South Jersey

    Please delete my account.
  3. H

    New member and having a hard time

    I’m from jersey and I’m loving the new rebel 2019. I found the perfect one with an msrp of ($57,400). My monthly payments would be crazy since I have a leased 2017 Wrangler recon Rubicon but even without the trade the 3 dealerships won’t work on the msrp. They all tell me they only have a few...