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  1. J

    2023 Ram MPG Upgrades - Hemi E-torque

    Has anyone actually had any luck with upgrades that make a difference in MPG? I know the biggest factor is the driver, and I also know most cars may benefit from a throttle body spacer, cold air intake, tuner, and sometimes exhaust. With all that said, has anyone actually installed anything and...
  2. B

    Looking to Mod my new Longhorn for MPG

    Finally for my beautiful 2022 Longhorn 1500. But with gas going up to $5/Gallon, I need to try to help the fuel efficiency and looking to ad some mods but could use advice. Heard performance intake and performance exhaust would help with this. Also thinking of adding the Pedal Max by JMS to...
  3. DonsRam19

    AFe power cold air intake install

    Installed the aFe power Magnum force cold air intake. Sounds amazing and looks great Made a install video to make the process easier. Link below