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  1. T

    2019 ram Laramie passenger chirp noise

    Hello, I have a 2019 ram Laramie that has an inconsistent chirp coming from the passenger mirror. It’s typically only on the highway when it’s windy outside. I’m almost certain it’s the mirror because when I turn them in it goes away. I just want to see if anyone has come across this and found a...
  2. ebland0724

    AutoDimming Side Mirrors - Installed from Factory but Not Shown on Window Sticker or Build Sheet

    I have a 2019 1500 Laramie Sport Crew Cab 4x4, w/ Protection Group/Sport Appearance Package/Level 2 Equipment Group, etc. Both side mirrors started acting up, making noises and poping when opening and closing. The dealership decided to replace the passenger side. The new one they installed...
  3. M

    SIMPLE AND PAINLESS mirror cap replacement

    I recently bought a 19 ram and wanted to change my mirror caps from black to chrome. Everyone on this site suggested taking it to a dealer and saying you had to remove the glass (mirror) first. I knew this couldn’t be true and I did it in 10 mins with no risk of breaking a mirror! Just thought...
  4. Voltron

    Mirror Approach Lights For Surround View Camera

    For those with the 12" and surround view camera, do the mirror approach lights turn on when reversing? At night the mirror cameras are practically useless. It seems like it would make sense to have the sides illuminated by the already existing mirror approach lights when surround view is engaged.
  5. L

    Towing Mirror swap from 2500/3500

    There are a few threads about the lack of features in the towing mirrors on the 1500. I missed this also when I put my order together and I really wanted the 360 camera (Sonic is fun). I have been debating getting the mirrors with the cameras and the front camera from the parts counter and...
  6. Bsteiner36

    Side (Tow) Mirrors In Reverse not going back to original Position

    I wanted to let everyone know in case anyone else has this problem. Since I have owned my truck every time i put my Truck in reverse and the side mirrors fold down they never go back to the original position. Over time my side mirrors get so out of wack that I have to stop my truck and hit my...