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  1. Robalo2718

    Stiffer linear rate rear springs???

    I ride around with a 300-900lb load most of the time and the rear sag is killing me. I'm looking at two options for stiffer rear linear rate springs: 1) TufTruck 1211 https://www.tuftruck.com/product/ttc-1211-rear-suspension-coil-spring-kit/ 2) Dayton 350-905HD...
  2. jhartrva

    HomeLink - Linear Garage Door Openers - LD033

    FWIW, I have a 2020 Laramie and tried several different remotes (Clicker universal, MultiCode - recommended by HomeLink, and finally a Linear remote). All of the remotes would successfully operate the Linear LD033 Garage Door Opener, but only the Linear MCT-3 remote would program the HomeLink...