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  1. N

    Lease ending, wait for 2022?

    Hello, this is my first post since finding this forum and I wish I did sooner! I'm currently leasing a 2019 1500 Big Horn and exploring my options. It's my first truck and I used the lease as essentially an experiment of whether a pickup made sense for my lifestyle, work, etc. and I would like...
  2. BluegrassMotorsport

    Lease vs Buy Opinions

    Hey y'all. New here and I've got truck fever again. I know, know - it's a bad time to be buying anything. Carvana offered me more than I paid for my 6.2 Silverado when Covid prices first went crazy, and I figured I would put that payment toward my Corvette and pay it off early. I'll have it paid...
  3. A

    First time leasing. Looking for advice.

    Hey everyone so I have a 2019 ram 1500 that I leased a year and say 5 months ago. I was in deep with a Jeep GC that I had prior to this that had some serious issues with the motor. The dealer gave me a deal in a half on the trade in $4k over what I owed on the Jeep and I went shopping. I decided...