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key wont work

  1. B

    Keyfobs won't work, panic alarm goes off and truck doesn't start.

    3 weeks ago I both used a Ram Rebel 2020 Night Edition. Everything was goint on perfect, had the oil and filter change, full on gas. Next morning I go to open the truck and the keyfob wont open the doors, tried the other fob and neither did nothing. I opened the door with the emergency key and...
  2. 2019Ram64

    Was running good

    Ok so like my bio says I have a 2019 ram 1500 with a 6.4 swapped into it. Currently has 4K+ miles On the way from Dallas to Michigan just recently to do the motor swap my truck started flipping out. The issues started before the motor was changed. Roughly 39 DTCs for every module that...