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floor mats


    How much do you know about Lasfit Floor Mats?| Lasfit Liners Small Talk

    Hi there, we want to know more about the feedback of Lasfit liners(Floor mats or Cargo Mats). Any useful feedback are appreciated.

    All-Weather Custom-Fit Floor Mats for 5th Gen Ram 1500

    Are you still worried about dirt from any dust, water, or snow messing up the interior floor of your pickup? Lasfit offers custom-fit floor mats for Ram 1500 owners, utilizing 3D scanning technology to cover every inch of the interior floor without any curling. These mats provide a perfect fit...
  3. J

    Fluid Under Brake Pedal

    Hi All, Went out to my truck and noticed fluid, (presumably brake fluid) underneath the brake pedal. I crawled under the dash and noticed the brake pedal arm was lightly coated in oil/fluid and also some of the metal dash supports had rust on them. The shaft that goes into a seal and through...
  4. O

    Ram 1500 Limited Rubber insert replacement on floor mats .

    Hey guys. Just purchased a 2019 Limited 1500. I like my floor mats , but I'm wanting to change out the snap in carpet inserts to rubber inserts. Has anyone found rubber inserts that snap in. I can buy a complete set of Ram rubber mats for $109.00, but I don't like the looks of them as...
  5. DonsRam19

    Maxliner All Weather Floor Mats

    installed some maxliner floor mats in my ram and there really nice i was worried with the price being alot cheaper then the weather techs but they fit great and are actually better then the weather techs. Cost was around $140-$160 heres a video of what they look like in my ram crew cab