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ecodiesel failure

  1. Misanthropic

    2021 1500 Limited 3.0L Ecodiesel Transmission Failure at 700 miles

    My first Ram experience is not starting out as I had hoped. I fell in love with the new Ram and decided to buy both a 2021 Limited 1500 and a 2021 Power Wagon. After three weeks of owning the 1500 with no signs of any issues from the transmission I was headed on a 440 mile road trip to pick up...
  2. D

    Forward collision sensors malfunction on overhead metal structures/overpasses.

    My 2019 Ram 1500 has repeatedly had false alarms and puts the brakes on and beeps when on cruise on interstate when we go under a metal overpass. It's consistently the same structure and does not do it on cement highway overpasses. The structure is a museum placed over the interstate 80 near...