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  1. Vans406

    21 tradesman fold up bench seat options

    I just picked up a 21 Ram 2500 Tradesman Crewcab. I have a 120lb chocolate lab that likes to ride with me everywhere. The rear bench seat folds up of course and there’s 2 storage bins that are open underneath that makes it awkward for my lab to stand and ride safely. Has anyone seen or does...
  2. B

    Wet interior / Mildew smell

    Hello all, I've had a 5th gen Ram since the end of 2018. Last summer, my daughter and I noticed a foul odor in the truck. I figured it was a dirty CAF, so I replaced it, and popped in a Febreeze tab. It comes back over and over, low and behold I've noticed the rear carpet is always wet after it...