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  1. P

    Cleaning cup holders

    I’ve avoided having to take the time and effort to really figure out how to remove the cup holders in my 2020 Longhorn. But I need to do it. I’ve had enough. Does anyone know how to remove the rubberized insert? Is it possible? I used to do this all the time with my Silverado. NP.
  2. Cajun_

    My overboard detailing process.

    Three bucket meathod (wheels, rinse and wash), pressure washer with foam cannon or garden hose with Adams premium foam gun. Adams soft water filters. Rinse wheels and spray with gyeon wheel and tire cleaners in foaming sprayer. Rinse and spray with gyeon wetcoat and rinse with pressure washer...
  3. klail

    Electric Power Washers

    I know this is only related to the washing of vehicles, but I thought I'd ask none the less. Those of you who use ELECTRIC power washers, what are you using? Would you recommend it to others? The reason I am going with an electric is because of the noise primarily. I don't really have the...