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camper shell

  1. chainsaw

    A.R.E. Z2 Shell

    Hey y’all! I just took delivery of my ‘22 Limited Night Edition. It’s got the technology package, with the digital rear view mirror. Previously, I had a ‘19 Laramie and ordered the A.R.E. z2 shell for it. I sold the ‘19, but kept the shell. My concern is that the third light protrudes out too...
  2. D

    2019 V Series ARE Camper Shell Short Box

    Hello fellow ram owner. Pictured below is a V series ARE topper on a 2019 Black Diamond metallic ram. The head liner is carpeted, windows are screened and capable of sliding and opening. The roof is predrilled for racks. This vehicle was my family’s travel vehicle for the past couple years. We...
  3. Timj

    Gas mileage Ram 1500 with Truck cap

    I'm posting a picture of my 2020 Ram 1500 Big Horn 3.6 with Ranch Sierra truck cap. I have added the truck cap and, a Decked Drawer system plus shelving and tools, additional 500 lb of weight. I am averaging 22-23 fuel MPG. I Would like Everyone's opinion on fuel economy/ gas mileage, will the...