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  1. TheLegend

    TheLegend Build Thread

    I’ve posted a lot about OEM upgrades and aftermarket modifications I’ve done and have had many questions so I figured I’d start a thread specific to my build I’ve obviously been doing this for a little over a year now but have done a lot of mods over that time. So, I will start with post one...
  2. K

    New member ram rebel build

    New member! Picked her up in march 2023. Build 99% complete (need window tint) 2020 ram rebel Spec: Metallic steel Sunroof Mft tailgate 12in Black leather Mods: bilstein 6112 1.5 in spacers Zen matte carbon steering wheel Slotted rotors Caliper covers 20/10 trx reps 295/65/20 maxxis razr...
  3. Playmaker10

    GoRhino Sidesteps

    Just installed GoRhino Dominator Extreme D6 side steps. It was an easy install and they look pretty good. Some pre and post pictures below. Starting an Instagram page on my build. It'll be slow but worth it. Next up...Carli Commuter Lift! @ram1500outdoors
  4. G

    Build Tracking Preferences

    So I've seen many different threads about different ways to track a build. The dealer is sending my build in today, so I was wondering a few questions: 1. What is everyone's preferred method to track their build? - I know some have mentioned a site called MOTS?. I know this site provides a...