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bug deflector

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    Bug/Rock Deflector for a Sport Hood

    Trying to find a black or really dark gray "aggressive" bug/rock deflector for my 2023 1500 Laramie with sport hood. My dealer says no go and I haven't seen one online that looks like it will fit. Has anyone had any luck finding one that will fit? Thanks in advance! Randy
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    Anyone know a bug deflector that’s done wind tunnel testing?

    I realize that any bug deflector will cause a penalty in mpg. I’d like to find one that has done wind tunnels testing to limit the effect.
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    Mopar Bug/Air Deflector Rebel install

    While I was at the dealership they had the Mopar bug deflector in stock so I purchased it and added it t the service ticket for installation. It was worth having the dealership install it b/c they had issues with it at first, and I had read about others having issues as well, mainly with the...