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  1. Redz72

    NEW BFG KO3!

    Looks like they made some nice upgrades to the tried and true KO2. More aggressive sidewall, slightly tighter tread pattern for less noise. Im curious to hear the reviews when they are released officially.
  2. R

    Wildpeak AT3W vs BFG KO2 - 295-70-18

    I've ran coopers, goodyears, and generals, but want to try something new. Looking for (relatively) low road noise, good in snow/MTN driving and some overlanding. Not going to be rock crawling or anything crazy. What do you guys think? Right now I'm leaning towards the wildpeaks, but the...
  3. Cmerkert

    BFG KO2's 275/65/20 or similar on Limited? How do they fit/look?

    Is anyone running BF Goodrich KO2's on a Limited 2019 1500? If so, how do they fit in the wheel well? Any rubbing? I looked for 265/60/20 but could not find anything. So anything in the neighbor hood of 275/65/20 would be good. Want them a little more substantial than the stocks, but do...