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  1. craigmw

    Sport Hood Bezel Replacement - Chrome to Black

    Went from chrome to black badges by replacing the entire hood bezel on my 2020 1500 Laramie Sport. I purchased an OEM bezel from my local dodge dealer all in for $145 (March '22). Likely not the least expensive route, maybe not the easiest, but it's the one I felt was best for me and my OCD. The...
  2. M

    Bezel for single zone hvac radio 8.4

    Hey guys! I have searched all the threads about conversion from 5 inch to 8.4 inch. I was able to buy on this forum a 8.4 radio that has the dual zone bezel. My original radio has a single zone 5 inch. After searching I found the confirmation that a single zone bezel works well for the...