bed rail

  1. R

    Cleats for tie down rails

    Hello all! First RAM, 2019 1500 new body, and first post...and first mod. I just installed the OEM bed tie down rails and would like a few more cleats. Has anyone found a supplier for them, OEM or aftermarket? Or, come up with a workaround? Thanks for your insight and help.
  2. Gearwhine

    Utility Bed Rail - T-Slot nut size - M12 16mm slot

    Summary: M12 T-Slot Nut for a 16mm slot ground down ~1-2mm in height. Only found these available at Mcmaster-Carr. 16mm length bolts are perfect. 25mm would likely be max when you add on extras to avoid bottoming the bolt out. If I were to do this again, I'd just cut metal plate into squares...