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at tires

  1. D

    2019 1500 Laramie leveling kit/tires

    Hey Everyone, Looking for some feedback. I'm on my second RAM truck, as stated above, a 2019 1500 Laramie. Everything is stock, other than some really wide running boards that I'm removing and I opted to get one with 18 inch rims because I prefer the look of more rubber to rim and the ride...
  2. T

    2019 Ram 1500 Sport Tires

    I know this has probably been asked a million bloody times. My truck is completely stock and I’m looking to keep the 20” wheels an throw some new rubber on them. Now I have read many different things on what will fit and what will not, haven’t yet found anything with a straight answer. I know...
  3. L

    What size tire??

    I have a 2017 Ram 1500 I’m looking to get some all terrain tires put on. I recently installed a 2.5 inch spacer in the front to level it out. I’m looking at getting some Nitto Ridge Grapplers and I’m torn between 285/65/20 and 285/60/20. I want to go as big as I can without any rub but I don’t...
  4. Jaketoko14

    Can I put 305/55R20 tires on with stock suspension?

    I am looking to buy 305/55R20 tires to put on Fuel Rage 6 20x9 +1 offset wheels. Couple of questions: A local shop salesman told me that I can put 305/55R20’s on my 2020 1500 laramie without leveling it. Can I actually do this? Same salesman also told me that I shouldn’t get 10ply tires Bc...
  5. btman897

    Wheel offsets vs backspacing

    I’ve got the stock 20x9 wheels with 33” Nitto Ridge Grapplers currently on my stock suspension 2019 Ram 1500. I’m wanting to get new wheels and I’m not savvy on wheel lingo but would a -24 offset with 4.6 backspacing on 20x10 wheels work fine on the stock set up without any rubbing? Or would I...