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  1. Xswizy

    Ram 2500 line output converter issues

    I recently installed a subwoofer under the rear seat of my 2021 ram 2500 big horn and decided to use a LOC to tap into the b pillar for my sound. I used left and right + and - to tap onto the B pillar on the passenger side for right and left RCA. Everything works, but there’s one issue. I can...
  2. R

    Subs in a Quad Cab? Update Oct. '20

    I'm wondering if anyone has put in a custom sub installation in a QuadCab...specifically a Rebel? Having thoughts of getting 2 8's or 2 10's for under the rear seats. This is with the Alpine system and E-Torque so I wonder how the electrical system would take a hit with another amp. I would...