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22 inch

  1. WreckitRocco

    Wheel fitment for IHC 3/5 kit

    I'm going to be installing the lowering kit on my truck next week and I need some help on wheels. If you have a 3/5 kit installed and are running 22s or 24s can you post pictures with specs including tire size, width, and offset please. Also, how is the ride and any rubbing especially at full...
  2. J

    35/12.5R22 on stock 22" wheel 2020 Ram Limited

    Hello everyone, I know there seems to be a lot of posts about this subject but I'm getting mixed information based on what I'm reading here and what I'm seeing on YouTube etc. I just purchased a new 2020 RAM Limited and I want to put a set of Toyo Open Country R/T (35x12.5xR22) on my stock 22"...