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18 inch

  1. Tommymoe5

    ORG Max tire size.. 295/70r18 285/75r18

    Anyone know if you can get the 295/70/18 or even better the 285/75/18 on a stock ORP no Air? I really want to go 34s but also have no interest in doing a level at this point. Wondering what the max tire size I can go with minimal rub?
  2. L

    18” Wheels That Fit - No Brake Interference

    Hey folks. There is a lot of confusion out there regarding whether certain 18” aftermarket wheels will fit in light of the larger brake calipers on the 5th Gen. Can we start a list of those 18” wheels that fit (I.e. don’t interfere with the brake calipers) along with offset, and the model of...