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10th anniversary

  1. A

    10th anniversary edition center console badge

    Hey, I bought a 2022 ram 1500 limited with the 10th anniversary package. I bought it online without ever seeing it. I am pretty happy with it but one thing that is driving me crazy is that the "Limited 10th Anniversary" badge in the middle of the center console is plastic. In the pictures it...
  2. J

    Shift Knob from 10th Anniversary

    Does anyone know if Mopar will make available buying the shifter cap from the 10th Anniversary or even Laramie and higher trim levels? Been trying to find through the online Mopar store to swap in the full metal one over the plastic and metal ones in the Lonestar trim.
  3. Erik Alanis

    NEW 2021 Limited Longhorn 10th anniversary

    Hello everyone. I’ve been wondering around this forum since August 2020, since my local dealer failed to deliver on what could have been my dream truck (2020 eco diesel built-to-serve). I settled for 20 ecodiesel laramie sport that was sitting on their lot. From August 2020 to just 2 weeks ago...
  4. redriderbob

    Limited 10th Anniversary Edition Coming For The 2022 Ram 1500:

    Limited 10th Anniversary Edition Coming For The 2022 Ram 1500: Ram Will Celebrate The 10th Anniversary Of Its Luxury Pickup With Even More Style... With the 2022 model year almost upon us, the Ram Truck brand is getting to celebrate another 10th Anniversary for its premium Limited trim level...
  5. M

    Longhorn color combinations

    I am considering getting a new 2021 Ram 1500. I love the longhorn interior, both black/new saddle and the 10th anniversary mountain brown. For exterior I like the Patriot blue but also the ivory white. Anyone have opinions on the 10th anniversary brown combo? I’ve seen Patriot blue and ivory...